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Snowbirds, reduce the risk of driving during winter conditions


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Snowbirds, reduce the risk of driving during winter conditions. Hire a reliable snowbird auto shipping company. We provide vehicle transportation for “snowbirds” making their seasonal trip down south. We service all major snowbird destinations including Florida, California and Arizona including shipping to Hawaii. We understand the safety, carry the experience, and understand road conditions.

Auto Shipping Reviews

Michael Y.
Verified Buyer

“Good price. The car was picked up on time. The car was delivered early. I was kept informed every step of the way. The driver’s were a husband and wife team and very personable. They used a single car trailer and it was immaculate. I’m very pleased with the whole experience.”

Suzane R.
Verified Buyer

“Chris handled our transport perfectly! Shipping a vintage collector VW bus from Southern California all the way to Key West Florida was no small task. He did EXACTLY what he said he was going to do, and was on time every time. Thanks Chris!”

Mark P.
Verified Buyer

“We had a great experience with nationwide united auto transport. We had to get a camper shipped from Minnesota to Colorado. I looked at a bunch of sites and there were a lot of fake sites out there, that were clearly scams…”

Jack M.
Verified Buyer

“Good group of people. Shipped an 800hp twin turbo car for us and took great care in doing so. The communication is really good and they will text if they can’t reach you by phone, I appreciate that since I’m always walking away from my phone and rarely call back numbers I don’t know. Thanks guys!”

Chris C.
Verified Buyer

“Great service! I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing to move a high end vehicle! Very professional, fast, and friendly service at very good rate!! Thanks Again!!”

Todd G.
Verified Buyer

“Very prompt. Very concerned. Nice enclosed two car trailer which is what you want. Not packed in with 6 others like the other transports use. Vehicle delivered to our residence amidst the rain & fog. Transporters were hard workers. Will use again.”

Mark P.
Verified Buyer

“Great company, quick service and moved my Hemi Cuda from east to west, no problems at all, much appreciated.”

Agnes T.
Verified Buyer

“You pay a premium price for a premium services! Chris and his team shipped my ProMaster across the country in less than week, very impressed and satisfied with their services, and I highly recommend anyone who needs a vehicle shipped safely to use Nationwide United”

What Is Snowbirds Auto Shipping Service?

“Snowbirds” are individuals who move from the Midwest and Northeast to warmer states. Popular destinations include Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California. Snowbirds are generally retirees who have a second home or relatives in one of these states.

Snowbird Car Shipping Destinations

We service all major snowbird car shipping routes. Generally, snowbirds move from the Northeast to the Southeast. But, our snowbird auto shipping service covers routes as far as TX, NM, AZ and CA.

Don’t stress over making a long drive across the country in the middle of unknown road conditions. Choose an experienced company for your snowbird car transport. Let us handle your move and enjoy the convenience of door to door transport.

Are you traveling with a group of friends or a club? Get special discounts if you and your friends transport your vehicles together. Have your vehicles delivered at your location with our door to door service.

Why customers choose our snowbird auto transport services…

We’re a leading snowbird car shipping provider. We handle all vehicle types including oversize trucks, RV’s and travel trailers, heavy equipment, and more.

Personalized Approach

We walk you through the entire process. Stress-free solutions no matter what your shipment needs are. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is included to your shipment as part of the FMCSA license and insurance regulations.

Expedited Transport

Pickup and deliver your shipment as fast as possible. Same day-next day services when available. 

Help and Support 24/7

Our hours extend a 9 to 5 transport company. We are always available to answer your transportation questions.

Points to Consider Before Driving Your Vehicle Cross-Country

Risk vs. Safety: How safe is it to hop in your car and drive cross country in the middle of winter? Driving long distance in the wintertime often doesn’t result as planned. Hazardous and irregular road conditions, detours along the way, and unexpected vehicle breakdowns. These unexpected conditions may result in a major stress to you and your family. Even worst, avoiding the cost of transporting your vehicle may put you and your family’s safety at risk.

Cost of Driving your Vehicle: Adding all the travel cost, how much can you save on a cross-country road trip? Individuals who think driving can save them money should consider before committing. Driving can rack up costs. Fuel, unexpected vehicle break down, hotel stay, meals, and other miscellaneous costs.

Don’t Re-schedule Your Plans: You won’t have any interruptions or delays in your travel plan. We help you organize and coordinate your snowbird auto transport to make it a worry free. Make sure to provide enough time to coordinate the pickup of your vehicle. There is a high demand for snowbird car transport during winter months. Trucks are generally filled weeks in advance. We will help you coordinate and have a driver set up without you having to worry and re-schedule your plans.

Return Customer Discount: We continue to serve thousands of snowbirds every single year. We provide discounts when you are ready to go back to your summer location. Your vehicle will by transported to you so you don’t have to go out of your way.

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