Snowbirds, reduce the risk of driving during winter conditions by hiring a reliable snowbird auto shipping company


Snowbirds, reduce the risk of driving during winter conditions by hiring a reliable snowbird auto shipping company. We service all major snowbird destinations including Florida, California and Arizona. Every year we provide vehicle transportation including enclosed auto transport for “snowbirds” making their seasonal trip down south. With over 15 years experience, we understand the safety, carry the experience, and understand road conditions.

What Is Snowbird Auto Shipping Service?

“Snowbirds” refers to individuals from the Midwest and Northeast states who relocate during winter months to warmer states like Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, and California. Snowbirds are generally retirees or business owners who may have a second home or relatives in one of these warmer places and effortlessly move cross-country to avoid the frigid winters of the Northeastern region.

Snowbird Car Shipping Destinations

We service all major snowbird car shipping routes. Generally, snowbirds are relocating from the Northeast (Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania) to the Southeast (North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida) but we don’t limit our service to only these states. Our snowbird auto shipping service is nationwide. We cover routes as far as TX, NM, AZ and CA.

Don’t stress over making a long drive across the country in the middle of unknown road conditions.Choose an experienced company for your snowbird car transport. Let us handle your move and enjoy the convenience of door to door transport and a hassle-free Winter relocation.

Are you traveling with a group of friends or a club? Get special discounts if you and your friends transport your vehicles together. Have your vehicles arrive at the same time and conveniently delivered at your location with our door to door auto transport service.

Points to Consider Before Driving Your Vehicle Cross-Country

Risk vs. Safety: How safe is it to hop in your car and drive cross country in the middle of winter? You’re dealing with hazardous and irregular road conditions, detours along the way, and unexpected vehicle breakdowns. Driving long distance in the wintertime often doesn’t result as originally planned. These unexpected conditions may result in a major burden, aggravation, and stress to you and your family. Even worst, avoiding the cost of transporting your vehicle may put you and your family’s safety at risk.

Cost of Driving your Vehicle: Adding all the travel cost, how much can you really save on a cross-country road trip? Individuals who think that driving their vehicle can save them money should consider carefully before committing. Driving can really rack up the cost with fuel, unexpected vehicle break down, hotel stay, meals, and other miscellaneous costs.

Don’t Re-schedule Your Plans: You won’t have any interruptions or delays in your travel plan when you decide to transport your vehicle with us. We will help you organize and coordinate your snowbird auto transport to make it a worry free. Make sure to provide enough time to coordinate the pickup of your vehicle especially during winter months as high demand for snowbird car transport increases and trucks are filled weeks in advance. We will help you coordinate and have a driver set up without you having to worry and re-schedule your plans.

Return Customer Discount: We plan to continue serving thousands of snowbirds every single year! We will provide you with a discount when you are ready to go back to your summer location. Your vehicle will be conveniently transported to you so you don’t have to go out of your way.

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