Nationwide United Auto Transport is a registered, licensed, bonded property broker (MC#833646) and auto motor carrier (MC# 932712) with the U.S. Department of Transportation. This agreement between Nationwide United Auto Transport and the customer acknowledges Nationwide United Auto Transport can assign contract/order to our licensed, bonded and insured subcontract motor carrier(s) if need be.

1. General Refund and Cancellation

You may cancel your shipping order at any time prior to the assignment of your vehicle (order) to a  carrier at zero cost to you with no cancellation fees. Customer will be notified via phone or email when a  carrier has been assigned for their order. Your full deposit will be refunded to you at its entirety. Generally your deposit will be processed after 72  hours from your cancellation. If customer’s order has been assigned to a carrier and customer decides to cancel, a cancellation fee (50% of the total shipping cost) will apply per vehicle/commodity. If customer’s order is paid in full, your cancellation fee is 50% of total shipping cost. Our cancellation fee is implemented to compensate the loss of truck space, fuel and “dead” mileage driven. All cancellations must be via phone and email to our branch. Customer should be aware that Nationwide United Auto Transport has the right to cancel an order at any time.

2. Pickups and Deliveries

Nationwide United Auto Transport cannot assure a specific driver/carrier. Driver/Carrier will pickup and deliver vehicle(s) at your door as close, safely, and legally allowed. If  carrier cannot pickup or deliver your vehicle at your door due to street restrictions, residential locations, hanging trees, or any other common basis for which a carrier cannot load/unload, a joint (customer/carrier) agreeable location may be necessary to safely and legally load and unload vehicle(s). Port pickups and deliveries are subject to additional charges of $100 to $300 in certain ports. Customer must inform agent if it’s a port delivery or pickup order. Customer must assign someone on their behalf and notify Nationwide United Auto Transport of who that person will be in the event customer is unavailable to release and/or accept vehicle. In the event customer/assigned person is unable to release or accept vehicle without prior notification, the customer is liable for a rescheduling fee of $550, storage, plus re‐delivery fees.

3. Times and Dates

Nationwide United Auto Transport provides approximate pickup and delivery updates. ETA’s are just approximate times/dates and serve the customer as a general guide to the status of their vehicle. Nationwide United Auto Transport is not responsible for delays in transit due to truck mechanical  issues, road conditions, weather conditions, or any other common delays. There is no “guarantees” in relation to pickup and delivery times or scheduled dates. Nationwide United Auto Transport will not be responsible for any financial loss/damage due to delays of any cause. Nationwide is not liable for car rental cost or any other type of delay accommodations.

4. Vehicle Preparation

Customers are responsible for preparing the vehicle(s) for transport. Any racks or luggage should be removed otherwise specified by transport specialist. Vehicle(s) must be in working running condition unless noted on the shipping order. Vehicle must be under 1/2 tank of gas, 1/4 tank of gas ideally. Customer is liable for any damage or loss to an object or person caused by an attached or loose part of  the vehicle. Nationwide is not liable for any kind of mechanical or anything in relation with operating auto parts. Alarms must be disarmed otherwise provide instructions to the transport specialist and the carrier at pickup. Driver carrier is authorized to silence the alarm in the event the alarm goes off.

5. Personal Items

The Department of Transportation does not allow auto carriers to transport household goods (personal belongings) in vehicles being transported. An auto carrier will be fined and your personal belongings will be impounded if they are pulled over for inspection. Nationwide United Auto Transport is not liable for any loss of personal items in the vehicle or any damaged items due to the transportation of the vehicle. Carrier can refuse to transport vehicle with items that are considered unlawful contraband. Some illegal  items include; money, guns, ammunition, explosive, live pets, or any other related illegal items.

6. In‐Op/Non‐ Running Vehicles

In‐op/non‐running vehicles are subject to additional charges/fees. Charges/fees can be anywhere from $400 at the minimum for small compact vehicles and up to $1,000 for large vehicles. If a roll back or tow truck is  required customer is fully responsible for those charges/fees. Please consult with your transport  specialist for the estimate charge. In the event that the vehicle is in‐op before pickup or becomes in‐op while in transit and it is not noted  on the order, the customer is fully responsible for the fees/charges applicable to transport in‐op  vehicle(s). Charges/fees will be due at delivery to the carrier after final inspection of the vehicle. Nationwide United Auto Transport is not liable for any of the in‐op fees/charges in the event the vehicle becomes in‐op before pickup or while in transit.

7. Oversize and Modified Vehicles

Customer must disclose/inform Nationwide United Auto Transport prior to pick up of vehicle(s) on the following items, oversize vehicles, oversize wheels, lifts kits, racks, limos, low clearance vehicles, or any simple modification(s) made to the vehicle(s) for proper charge(s). In the event Nationwide United Auto Transport is not informed (prior to the pickup) of any of the items mentioned above, the carrier may refuse to transport the vehicle due to odd size modifications that may damage the vehicle or risk cargo. If carrier does transport the vehicle(s) customer is liable for all charges/fees associated with the transport. Charges/fees will be due at delivery to the carrier. Nationwide United Auto Transport is not liable for any associated fees.

8. Carrier Bill of Lading/Inspection Reports

Carrier and customer are to make a full careful inspection of the vehicle’s exterior and note the bill of  lading/inspection report for any pre‐existing damage. Carrier and customer are to acknowledge the condition of the vehicle at both the pickup and delivery locations. Carrier will supply a copy of the bill of  lading/inspection report at both pickup and delivery locations. In the event the carrier does not have a bill of lading/inspection report it is the customer’s full  responsibility to request a copy prior to the pickup and delivery. It is totally at the customer’s discretion  to ship the vehicle without a copy of the bill of lading/inspection report. The order is subject to all the terms and conditions and bill of lading/inspection report of the actual  carrier. The customer’s bill of lading/inspection report is provided by the carrier’s office and is also  provided to our office by the carrier.

9. Vehicle Damage

It is the customer’s full responsibility to inspect and go over the vehicle with detail at both pickup and  delivery of the vehicle. Any vehicle damage that can be directly linked to negligence by the assigned  carrier/driver must be detailed in the bill of lading and acknowledge by both the customer and carrier/driver regardless of weather conditions or time of day. Nationwide United Auto Transport must be notified via phone of any negligent damage occurred during the shipping of the vehicle before signing any paperwork on delivery. A signed bill of lading without any damage notation serves to verify that the customer and or assigned  person has received the vehicle in the same condition it was before shipping it and that Nationwide  United Auto Transport and its agents are relieved of any further liability. The customer and or agent should submit in writing directly to the carrier’s office a detailed noted bill of lading of the negligent damage attached with clear images pictures of the damage and a couple of  estimates within 8 days of vehicle acceptance to initiate any motion of the issue. Nationwide United Auto Transport in good faith will support the customer in this case if an issue may occur. Nationwide United Auto Transport is NOT in any way or form liable for any negligence of the assigned  carrier/driver. For those vehicles who’s values are higher than general market value, Nationwide United Auto Transport suggest the customer to purchase an insurance rider. Nationwide United Auto Transport is not liable for any type of damages caused by acts of God, weather  conditions, or broken parts of the vehicle due to worn parts of the vehicle. Customer should maintain  insurance for this purpose.

10. Form of Payment at Delivery

No personal checks, debit cards or credit cards are acceptable for the remaining balance. There are no exceptions. Remaining balance must be paid in cash, money order, or certified bank check payable to carrier/driver. If the remaining balance is not paid in the form of cash, certified bank check, or money order the  customer acknowledges the vehicle will be placed in a storage facility. In the event the customer is  unable to pay the remaining balance in any of the forms described or is unable to accept the vehicle, the customer is liable for storage fees and any re‐delivery costs.

11. Claims

Any disagreement, claim, or controversy arising from these terms and conditions, performance or  breach thereof, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Los Angeles County in California. Customer  acknowledges and agrees to waive any right to jurisdiction of this matter at any other location other  than Los Angeles, California. Nationwide United Auto Transport can only be liable for the deposit from the quote provided to the  customer in the order. Nationwide United Auto Transport is not liable for any claimed damages caused by the carrier.

12. Broker/Carrier

Nationwide United Auto Transport is a registered, licensed and bonded property broker (MC#833646) and auto motor carrier (MC# 932712) with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Nationwide United Auto Transport and the customer acknowledges Nationwide United Auto Transport can, if need be, assign contract/order to our licensed, bonded and insured subcontract motor carrier(s) to meet definite customer’s request.

Liability Disclaimer

1.Damage of incurred due to personal items left in the vehicle.

2.Damage to boots, caps, bras, or any other related covering canvas.

3.Damage to antennas, audio equipment, or phone equipment.

4.Damage to vinyl or cloth over 2 yrs old.

5.Damage to undercarriage, tie downs, breaks, exhaust system, suspension, wheel bearings, or  alignment. Nationwide United Auto Transport and the assigned carrier are not liable to any of  these items,because no evaluation of such items are made at pickup.

6.Damage sourced to leaking fluids, in relation to, break fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil,  steering fluid, and radiator coolant or any other related leaking fluids not described in this  section.

7.Damage to battery or freezing cooling system.

8.Damage caused by a vehicle unable to load or unload off the carrier on its self power or lost  of breaking system.

9.Damage due to factory tie downs or frame tie down through holes.

10.Damage due to acts of God.

11.Damage due to flying objects on the road including the general sky.

12.Damage not noted at the pickup due to weather or poor lightning conditions.