Top 10 Popular Routes for Auto Transport

Everyone has different pick-up and delivery locations when transporting their vehicles. However, some routes may be more common than you think. These routes have become popular by customers’ demands and carriers who must transport to and from these location with almost every transport. These routes may also save you money due to their popularity.

1. Florida to California
The average cost for this route is $1,250-$3,000. Coast-to-coast is a largely common route because most people living in either coast city want to vacation or visit a place that has similar weather. Another reason is because both coast cities are filled with their own hotspots such as the Disney resorts, major tourist cities, and beaches to name a few.

2. California to Florida
For the same reason as the previous entry, this route is largely popular. The average price for this route is $1,250-$3,000

3. California to Texas
Most people who order for this route live in Texas and were mainly tourists, had a job opportunity in California, or are coming back from a summer vacation. This route is usually only $900-$2,500 if going to and from major cities in these states.

4. Texas to California
With this route, the opposite happens compared to #3 and the same applies for a low rate. The average rate for this route is $900-$2,500.

5. New York to California
“Snowbirds” usually use this route to escape the cold of New York in the winters and go to a warmer California for the mean time. This route is also poplar during the summer because California is a popular “summer state” because of its beaches. The average price of this route is $1,350-$3,000.

6. New York to Florida
Again, “Snowbirds” are the ones that popularize this route. Since Florida is the closest “summer state” to New York, many people feel like it is a logical choice for a vacation. The average price for this route is $850-$2,000.

7. California to New York
This route isn’t as popular as going from New York to California because there is not much incentive to visit a colder state. But this route is still a popular route because of the amount of tourism that New York brings in. The average price for this route is $1,350-$3,000.

8. Florida to New York
For the same reason as #7, most people in warmer states would prefer to stay there, but New York is intriguing in the tourist sense that people will want to at least visit there. The average price of this route is $850-$2,000.

9. California to California
Though man might think that this is redundant, and people should simply drive their car within a state, the same doesn’t go for California. California is a larger state and driving from Southern to Northern California can take a couple of days due to drivers needing rest. The average price of this route is $550-$1,500.

10. New Jersey to California
Again, the “snowbirds” popularize this route. New Jersey winters can be harsh, so temporarily moving to California to experience warmer weather is ideal. The average price for this route is $1,350-$3,000.

You may have noticed that most of these routes had either California, New York, or Florida. The price of transport for these routes are subject to change for many reasons such as weather conditions, service of company (enclosed, open, specialized, etc.), and the time of the year. For updated rates we advise contacting a carrier 1-4 weeks prior to your shipping dates.

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