Travel Trailer & RV Hauling

Transport your travel trailer and RV anywhere in the U.S. We are your reliable solution for towing and hauling of recreational vehicles and travel trailers. With over 15 years of travel trailer transport experience, we are equipped with the experience to safely transport fifth wheel trailers, motor-homes, toy haulers, camper vans and other trailer types across state or across the country.

Our highly skilled, experienced drivers are ready for any trailer hitch combination including fifth wheel hitch, bumper pull, gooseneck, pintle hook and other various types of ball hitches.

travel trailer hauling

Expert RV & Travel Trailer Transport

Shipping RV and travel trailers is no easy task. We know what it takes to transport your RV and travel trailer from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner.

Type of RV or Trailer: Is your RV or travel trailer a Fifth Wheel, Toy-Hauler, Double-Decker etc.?

Condition of RV or Trailer: Is your trailer in operable condition?

Pickup Location: We will kindly ask that you meet our driver at a nearby location with enough ample space to safely and legally load your RV or travel trailer

Route: We need to make sure we have all the details of the route correct. Any road restrictions that prohibit your trailer from traveling through must be avoided and alternate routes need to be assigned.

Delivery Location: Again, we will kindly ask that your meet our driver at a nearby location with enough ample space.

Contact us today for more details on our RV and travel trailer transport service 1-800-311-8305


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Prepare RV & Travel Trailer for Shipping

We ask that you carefully prepare your RV and travel trailer for transport. Following these simple steps will help make sure that there are no safety incidents or delays during your RV or travel trailer transport.

Trailer Lights: Check your trailer lights to ensure they are working properly. ( brake, turn, clearance, license plate etc.)

Trailer Wheels & Axles: Inspect the wheels and axles on your trailer for proper lubrication. It is recommended that bearings, bearing seals and bearing cups on a trailer be greased every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Trailer Weight: Do NOT overload your trailer. Check the gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) of your trailer to prevent overloading.

Trailer Hitch: All trailers have a designated hitch type depending on their gross trailer weight. It is important that your trailer have the proper hitch type to safely tow.

Personal Items: Any personal items inside your trailer or RV must be properly secured. Make sure cabinet doors are closed, locked if possible, and any items that are not mounted, be removed or placed in a secure area in the trailer.

Trailer Power Supply: Disable your trailer’s power supply.

Hazardous Materials: Gas tanks, propane tanks, ammunition or any possible dangerous materials should be removed from the trailer. Our carriers can be fined if such items are found in the trailer while in transport.

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